Respected European Council President Charles Michel

Respected European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

During the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine in the years 2013-2014, the citizens of Ukraine protested for weeks under the European Union flag and many even died under it.

Today, as a result of Russia’s senseless war, the men and women of Ukraine are once again dying in the name of our common values. With absolute certainty, we believe that Ukraine needs two things during these extremely difficult days: ammunition to defend itself now, and a clear declaration that the doors of the European Union stand wide open for Ukraine’s immediate future

The European Parliament has agreed to open its doors to the EU. Now it is time to act. I appeal to you to urgently admit Ukraine into the European Union. The Ukrainians are heroes!Their fight is a struggle to uphold the values which lay the foundation of the Union. Before our eyes, Ukrainians are defending the Western world against Russian aggression. It is time this heroic nation should receive a clear declaration that –in these most trying of times –their accession to the EU is real and can happen quickly.

With Highest Regards

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